oh well fuck it


Calypso’s gonna come off that island and take one look at Annabeth and is gonna be like damn Percy I understand why u left

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"You know exactly who you are…"

ask me my top six anything

""Kill her!" One of the ghosts attacked, hands stuck out to strangle her. He flew right through her.
“You’re dead,” Annabeth reminded him. “Sit down.”
Ashamed, the ghost sat down."

— The Heroes Of Olympus, The Mark Of Athena, page 345. Annabeth going on her soloqueeste, easily sassing out a ghost. (via hemmingskfc)

the guy i like just called me ma’am i don’t know how i feel about this


just came home from a football game C: and brandon called me beautiful thank you i can die happy now.

"So let me get this straight," I said. "I’m supposed to go to the Underworld and confront the Lord of the Dead.”
"Check," Chiron said.
Find the most powerful weapon in the universe.” "Check."
"And get it back to Olympus before the summer solstice, in ten days.”
"That’s about right."
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The Chief has Awakened. 

Okay so I have an idea on what the 3rd movie will open up on.


Look at them. They are powerful